Claves para tu Fluidez Comunicativa por Emilio Rivano Fischer

November 13, 2018

Claves para tu Fluidez Comunicativa por Emilio Rivano Fischer

Titulo del libro: Claves para tu Fluidez Comunicativa

Autor: Emilio Rivano Fischer

Número de páginas: 102 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 20, 2013

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Emilio Rivano Fischer con Claves para tu Fluidez Comunicativa

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This book is a short list basic and frequently used words and phrases that fulfill crucial communicative functions such as conversational openings, responses, follow ups, initiatives, and endings or closures. They also convey familiarity with social norms and communicational fluency. It is indispensable for the beginning as well as for the advanced learner of Spanish to acquire and master these tools for successful communication, sociability, politeness, and cultural integration. The text also instructs on the proper use of those tools. It introduces and exercises the conversational, interactional and social skills each entry projects.

The method contains definitions, explanations, Spanish synonyms, English equivalents, linguistic and pragmatic comments, social and cultural orientations, examples, conversations, and exercises.

The "keys" included are:

A eso de; Algo por el estilo; A lo mejor; Al tiro; A propósito; Así que; A ver; Bueno; Claro; Con razón; Da lo mismo; Entonces; Es que; Fíjate; La vedad es que; Menos mal; Nada que ver; No es para tanto; No, es que; O sea; Pasa; Por si acaso; and Total.

Professor Rivano Fischer has used this material successfully with several generations University of California and Stanford University students.